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Rete Clima

Head office

Via Cacciatori delle Alpi, 22070, Capiago Intimiano, (COMO), Italia


about us

Rete Clima® is a non-profit organization, a network between technical subjects that realizes concrete actions oriented to improve environmental sustainability of the Organization and to act against climate change: Rete Clima® has performed the Protocol “CO2 emission zero®”, a technical chain oriented to the decarbonization of Organizations and their products.

This chain is organized in the phases of: carbon assessment, carbon management (reduction and offset) and green communication.

The parts of the Rete Clima®’s network recognize themselves in the "greener, better, together" payoff, to offer a concrete support to Corporation for increase the efficiency of their services, to improve corporate green communication, to increase the level of naturalness of the territory in Italy.

For more details on the Protocol “CO2 emission zero®”:

Smart Energy



Water Energy