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Confartigianato Alto Milanese

Head office

via XX Settembre 28, 20025, Legnano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Confindustria Alto Milanese is the Association that represents and preserves the companies’ interests of the Alto Milanese area, the main industrial hub of the Metropolitan City of Milan with the greatest share of industry.

We assist and give voice to about 500 enterprises, 80% of which are manufacturing, that employ about 15,000 people.

Since 1945, we have providing our associates with information and assistance in careful and constant liaison with the institutions and the various political, economic and social organizations. We offer specialized services on all the strategic and operational management aspects of corporate life, from representation to training, from public aids to business development.

Our mission is to foster the economic growth of the companies, supporting their competitiveness on the markets, to make the Alto Milanese a suitable habitat for those who want to do business and to create long-term value for our members. 

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