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Alfaquadri S.p.A.

Head office

Via Alcide De Gasperi 18, 20090, Pantigliate, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Medium Voltage Switchgear, Medium Voltage Switchboards, Low Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchboards, Metal Clad, Motor Control Center MCC and Power Center Swichboards, Distribution & Power Switchboards. Design, production, delivery, maintenance, assistance, modification, substitution and repair – all over the world. Since 1963, ALFAQUADRI S.p.A. has been operating successfully in the design and manufacture of solution for energy management in industrial plant. The “know-how” accrued on the local and international contest in the Power and Oil & Gas sectors; allows it to boast high levels competitiveness on the market, developing solutions that are complete and personalized from the design through to after sales services. The products and services levels offered are constantly adapted to a market, which requires ever more reliability and advanced technology and competitiveness. UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification since 1995 ALFAQUADRI guarantees quality of production systems.


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  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

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