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Our mission

Promoting systemic action with the local area
Through collective initiatives facilitating collaboration and the pooling of skills and expertise between companies, research centres and universities, we boost research, innovation and technology transfer by identifying guidelines for research and development for all companies, as well as securing the associated funding.
Influencing regional policy
We influence regional politics in order to promote the interests of our associates, interacting with the institutions and actors responsible for setting market regulations.
Providing support to companies
We support the growth of SMEs, increase visibility of the entire industry in the market and implement a “recognised” production system, ensuring high-quality production based on value-chain logic.
Accelerating innovation
We provide innovative systems, create a well-structured network of relationships and information exchanges within which companies can act as a strong, united entity, combining competitiveness with cooperation (coopetition).
Promoting internationalisation
We support internationalisation by monitoring markets and promoting long-term partnerships and collaborations with companies and networks at the EU transnational and international levels.

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