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Wednesday 8 May 2024

LE2C president presents Syschemiq project at WME trade show

During the third edition of the Waste Management Europe (WME) Fair in Bergamo, LE2C President Riccardo Bellato held a video interview to present the Cluster's mission and its innovative project, Syschemiq.

The WME fair, which attracted more than 4,000 participants and 300 delegates from 60 different countries, focused on decarbonization, sustainability, and best practices in waste management.

LE2C's participation in the fair, with a dedicated booth, provided a unique opportunity to showcase to the public its ongoing innovation and sustainability activities and projects, including the Syschemiq project.

In the exclusive interview, President Bellato shared the vision of LE2C and outlined the main goals of Syschemiq. Through this project, in collaboration with other partners, LE2C aims to increase the recycling and reuse of plastics, in line with the European Union's ambitious plans. Currently, only 42 percent of plastic packaging is recycled in Europe, but the EU has set a target to increase this to 55 percent by 2030, underscoring the crucial importance of plastic recycling in the fight against greenhouse gases.

Bellato stressed the importance of cross-sector and international collaboration to achieve the targets set by the EU.

The full video interview, in which LE2C President Riccardo Bellato presents the corporate mission and goals of the Syschemiq project, is available for viewing by clicking HERE.

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