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Innovation workshop

Innovation Workshop promotes the development of a strategy that will enable us to experiment with effective new forms of collaboration between industry and research, drawing heavily on co-planning with the objective of facilitating industrial innovation.

The Cluster will act as a facilitator in terms of identifying the needs/requirements of a company and sourcing potential applicable products/solutions offered by other companies or research centres and universities.

The role of Clusters is to help companies to offer integrated solutions rather than individual technology

The Cluster will organise:

  • Industry to Research (I2R) seminars and workshops to present research and academic findings on state of technology in specific industrial sectors and to highlight the industry’s needs and challenges (often research bodies are not aware of the technological status of companies). These networking initiatives are opportunities for dialogue between researchers and industrial players.
  • I2R matching meetings on technological challenges: companies request meetings to target specific needs and technological challengers or to look for partners.
  • Support plans for the move towards Industry 4.0, connecting sector experts with Associates and providing information on local opportunities and services.
  • Cross-sector conferences: cross-sector approach to innovation where innovation opportunities derive from the application of technology in different sectors to their sector of origin. The Cluster will organise a cycle of meetings between companies from different sectors, presenting ideas that have been successful in a particular field in order to promote idea sharing and the development of innovative approaches. This activity is developed in close collaboration with the Cluster’s Skills Areas.

Innovation Workshop therefore gives companies the opportunity to tap into a network of contacts and skills, allows them to hear about innovative global projects and technology first and helps them to develop projects, improve products and processes and open up to potential new supply chains.

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