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Strategy 2021-27

The Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster strategy is aimed at innovation, growth and value creation of the Lombardy production system for energy and environment.

The decision to define a Strategic Plan valid for 2021-27 derives from the will to align with the Horizon Europe seven-year period, underlining how the link between Cluster and European Community initiatives is strong and unavoidable.

The main activity of Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster is the constant promotion of a culture of open innovation and the creation of opportunities for dialogue between the business world and the world of research. The objective is to generate value and growth for the associated companies and research centers and to export best-practices on the national, European and international territory.

The core activities that support the pursuit of the main objective of the Cluster, are represented by:

- Activities to support innovation, which identify research centers, universities and companies as the main actors;
- Activities that have long-term objectives (national, regional and international relations);
- Functioning of the Cluster and how the association is managed.

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Support for open innovation takes place through three main ways of working:

- Areas of expertise, repositories of a range of knowledge and from a very high level of insight that can identify technological gaps or needs for alignment with new regulations;
- Special projects, which are initiated when an activity moves from study aspects to the development of a more structured project;
- Funded projects, which allow the idea incubated in the areas of expertise and developed in the special projects to be taken to a full-scale pilot project capable of testing the environmental, economic and social impacts of innovation.

In the 2021-27 strategic plan we have decided to add a further level which is that of the 4 strategic pillars founding the action of the Cluster: CO2 Reduction, Hydrogen Development, Industrial Symbiosis and Digitization.


To learn more download HERE the Strategic Plan 2021-27.


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