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Wednesday 5 May 2021

EU Techbridge East Coast USA – Applications for 1:1 meetings are now open!

Apply to be selected for a 1:1 meeting with the end-users from the EastCoast USA interested in your energy, water and sludge treatment solutions.

Don't miss the internationalization opportunity offered by the EU Techbridge project, which allows European SMEs offering innovative solutions in the energy and water sectors, to meet partners in the United States and Canada to explore potential business collaborations.

The second mission, which will cover the East Coast, is now underway.

Following the "EU Techbridge webinar - Energy & Water on East Coast USA: Challenges and Opportunities" in which buyers participating in the mission presented their technology needs, applications for the first round of virtual one-to-one meetings with buyers are now open.  

Below you'll find end-users and their technology needs:

  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), a public authority providing wholesale water and sewer services to 3.1 million people and more than 5,500 large industrial users in 61 communities in central and eastern Massachusetts, including the city of Boston. The centerpiece of the MWRA treatment system is the Deer Island Treatment Plant (DITP). Current efforts at DITP are improving benefits of digester gas and other processes than can benefit from Combined Heat and Power. MWRA is looking to increase electrical generation while maintaining heat generation currently seen in the existing system.
  • Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET), a local non-profit organization, which has invented the GeoMicroDistrict, a networked ground source heat pump system that can be installed by gas utilities in their right of way in the street to supply heating and cooling through renewable energy. The street segment systems can be interconnected over time to create a GeoGrid. Both major gas utilities in Massachusetts have requested to pilot the concept. Two GeoMicroDistricts have been funded (one by a gas utility) and will be installed this year. One convenient thermal source is drinking water and sewer water.

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You can watch the recording and check the presentations at the following link

Do you have a technology solution that meets their needs? Apply  for 1:1 meetings with the end users of the East Coast
Applications will close on June 7, 2021.

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