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Thursday 4 July 2019

VIDA WEBINAR: SMEs wanted for partnership opportunities

On July 2nd LE2C organized the webinar on the theme "Sustainable agriculture: waste management and energy efficiency".

This event belongs to VIDA strategy to organising ten networking and business brokerage virtual events so to showcase SME solutions in pitch-style and encourage SME to present their approaches to tackling VIDA challenges; and supports the creation of transnational consortia for Demonstration Vouchers (which requires the collaboration of min 2 SME).

Each Webinar is addressing one of the VIDA agrofood sector and their challenges (i.e. farming, breweries, wineries, meat industry, fisheries, soy/milk industry, and sugar processing industry, among others).

At this webinar, the challenge-owner KAPA engineering presented its challenge on manure management for chicken farming once when

The disposal of the manure is a major inconvenience for chicken farmers, who have to store the manure and then send it to the waste to energy plants. Disposal of the manure costs the European states more than 2 billion euros in transport; the disposal cycle releases 25 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The direct use of manure in fields can alter the chemical and saline balances of soils. Their project is an innovative system of treatment of wet agricultural waste that can be implemented by any agro-SME and produce electricity without the use of traditional machines, intended for an operation on an industrial scale.

KAPA engineering is looking for an SME partner that deals with the storage and stabilization of electricity produced by their innovative system (batteries, inverters, etc.).

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