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Monday 29 April 2024

Regione Lombardia: Ri.Circo.Lo regional call open!

Ri.Circo.Lo is a regional call for Lombard SMEs to develop circular economy actions, an edition dedicated to Plastic and Textile supply chains.

Applications for participation must be submitted from 09:00 on 7 May 2024 and by 16:00 on 18 June 2024, through the Announcements and Services platform.

SMEs, in single or aggregate form, which have the following requirements may apply for participation:

  • Are regularly incorporated, registered and active in the Commercial Register;
  • Submit projects can be in single or aggregate form; entities other than micro and SMEs may also participate in the aggregation, but such entities may not in any way be beneficiaries of contributions and any expenditure they may incur will not be considered eligible for the contribution, but will nevertheless be taken into account in the evaluation of the project;
  • The carried out interventions must occur within an operational office located in the Lombardy territory active at the submission of the application or activated no later than the request for payment of the balance.

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