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Tuesday 2 November 2021

R-ACEs project: online the tool able to simplify legal energy cooperation contracts

Legal Decision Support Tool": a tool to standardise energy cooperation contracts using templates to overcome the current legal barriers that discourage energy exchange projects between two or more parties

Legal aspects of energy cooperation are perceived as complex, and they may slow down or discourage energy exchange projects. The Legal Decision Support Tool is easy to use and aims to lower the threshold for SMEs and other industrial stakeholders. The tool can also be adapted to fit local situations.


The new Legal Decision Support Tool is now published on the R-ACES platform and available via

It is an easy-to-use fill-in contract template, with explanatory notes. The tool brings focus and helps find agreement on the fundamentals of an energy exchange project (sales and delivery). The tool generates a ready-to-use simple contract in one go. A guide to the contract template and EU energy laws are also available to help use the template.

Soon, also an explanatory video will be included to guide through the whole process of filling in the contract template.


Three practical tools enabling energy cooperation

This new Legal Decision Support Tool is part of the R-ACES Toolbox. R-ACES established a set of three specific energy cooperation tools: a self-assessment tool, legal decision support tool for joint contracts, and a smart energy management platform for clusters. These three practical tools support the entire process of organising an ecoregion and the collaboration inside of it.

The tools incorporate existing knowledge and are conform to the needs of stakeholders in industrial clusters to help them set up energy collaboration.

Come to our website and test the tools!

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