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Monday 5 February 2018

Published the first two Reports of the NeSSIE Project

Jan 30th - Feb. 1st, 2018. NeSSIE partners gathered in Edinburgh (Scotland) for the third Steering Committee meeting where they launched the first two Research Reports.

The two Reports commissioned by the NeSSIE Project, of which LE2C is a partner, were published on Thursday 1st of February 2018. They investigate the economic potential of anti-corrosion solutions and the development of new materials in the offshore renewable market.

The study found that tackling corrosion problems and developing new materials in the renewable energy field from wave, tidal and wind power in offshore Europe could save up to €84,000 million for developers and create opportunities for the production chain up to to €82,000 million euros by 2050.

Both Reports are available online on the official website

During 2018, the NeSSIE project will move into the next stage of developing a Road Map, an investment plan and running the Demonstration Project Selection process.

For further information download the Press Release.

If you deal with anti-corrosion technologies or materials in the marine industry, renewable energy and Oil & Gas and you are interested in responding to the technological and market challenges of the sectors mentioned, contact us and you can be involved, also participating in B2B with other companies of the sector.


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