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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Presentations of the international meeting of Coolsweep

“Waste To Energy en Europa, innovations and development”

The presentations of the international meeting of Coolsweep European project Coolsweep “Waste To Energy en Europa, innovations and development” are now available. The meeting was hold 16th October 2014 in Milan, at Grattacielo Pirelli, Lombardy Region,.
During the event more than 20 experts discussed about the production of energy from waste in an efficient and sustainable way.
The representatives of the 6 European Cluster (Italy, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Latvia) gave their contribute to the issue with the support of various experts of foreign companies in the sector:
• Novozymes (DK),
• Tel-Tek R&D institute (NW),
• Leroux & Lotz Technologies (FR),
• Combustion Bay One (AT)
• EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH (AT)

In this occasion, Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) was illustrated by its president Alberto Ribolla, who explained the strategic role of the cluster in Lombardy, working in the energy&cleantech sector. In particular, LE2C is built upon the multiple-helix model (enterprises, research centres, organizations of industrial association, no-profit bodies, public bodies and financial institutions) and it has enlarged its competences and it is the main point of reference for the Lombardy Region in developing regional action plans in the fields of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Buildings.
Afterword Stefano Besseghini, RSE, Vice President of LE2C, who presented the technology areas of the cluster and the opportunities for research and innovation. Armando De Crinito, director vicarious of Lombardy Region, which emphasized the role and opportunities of technology clusters in the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (S3).
In the afternoon, three parallel workshops were organized with experts and researchers in order to share ideas and innovative technologies in the areas of:
- Biogas and biofuel;
- Incinerators new technologies;
- Sorting technologies.

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