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Thursday 13 February 2020

LE2C takes part in Techbridge, the new European project on water-energy nexus

The project has been recently approved by the European Commission within the COSME programme and it focuses on the creation of new internationalization opportunities for SMEs operating in the value chains at the intersection of water and energy.

Global demand for energy and water smart solutions is growing globally, but European SMEs face difficulties in exploting these opportunities.The EU Techbridge project comprises five leading clusters covering value chains at the intersection of enegry and water. This proposal builds on two previous ESCPs and two INNOSUP initiatives. This initiative will support SMEs working in value chains at the intersection of energy and water to integrate themselves into value chains in the US and Canada.

The Techbridge initiative will enable European SMEs to tap into accelerating global demand for their solutions and project them into two markets of strategic importance for the EU - Canada and the US. This will unlock new growth areas in Europe, while strengthening the EU’s brand as a global innovator at the intersection of energy and water. In doing so, the Techbridge initiative will reinforce President von der Leyen’s Green New Deal.

LE2C, the only italian partenr, will cooperate with four other european clusters coming from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain.

It will be a two-year project, ending in 2022.

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