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Sacee Srl

Head office

Piazza Luigi di Savoia 22, 20124, Milano, (MI), Italia


about us

Sacee is an UNI 11352 certified E.S.Co and an Engineering Company. It provides Consulting, Energy Management and Design services in BIM (Building Information Modeling) in an integrated manner, able to become the solo contact for its customers.

As E.S.Co is able to implement and manage interventions for energy saving, which as an Engineering Company is able to design, test and monitor.

Through the proposal of EPC contracts, Sacee can guarantee the result of its projects and allow customers to be sure of the economic ROI.

It is an expert in all existing incentive mechanisms in the field of energy efficiency, industrial automation, seismic upgrading and renewable source plants.

SACEE It is structured in 5 Departments: one for Energy Management Consulting and 4 for Integrated Design in the various disciplinary areas.

Energy Management Consulting

The CEM (Energy Management Consulting) Department deals with energy consulting, in the civil and industrial fields, and is the solid foundation on which Sacee bases its roots, including historical ones. A reference point that guides the design giving it added value.

In the labyrinth of regulations and incentive opportunities for Energy Efficiency, in fact Sacee makes any investment more economically sustainable, manages the connection and registration system practices at Terna and supports its customers on fulfilling regulatory obligations.

The success of a requalification project also depends on the ability to fully exploit the opportunities related to the incentive mechanisms: Thermal Account, White Certificates, Tax Deductions, Notices and Tax Credits.

Among the main services offered are:

  • Energy Management
  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Diagnosis
  • Specific industry consulting;
  • Energy-intensive qualification
  • ISO 50001 consulting
  • Industry 4.0 consulting
  • ETS directive advice
  • Incentives management:
    • Thermal Account 2.0
    • Energy Efficiency Certificates
    • or RES 1
    • Tax Bonuses
  • GSE qualifications of CAR and biomethane cogeneration systems
  • Management of systems practices: network and customs connections
  • Authorization procedures (Cila, Ex-Law 10)

Within Sacee, staff is Expert in Energy Management certified (EGE) UNI CEI 11339: 2009, Technicians qualified to Issue Certificates of Energy Performance and Acoustic Technicians. It is also UNI ISO 9001: 2015 certified for quality systems.

Sacee is covered by a specific insurance product for incentives practices. This is to protect the projects of its customers, ensure the success of the investment and give serenity in a very fickle and complex bureaucratic context.

Integrated Planning

Integrated design involves 4 departments:

DEA (Department of Energy and Acoustics)

DEA deals with energy diagnosis and design, lighting technology, acoustic design and requalification, energy BIM or BEM (Building Energy Modeling) modeling and energy simulation with Energy plus

DPI (Plant Design Department)

DPI deals with plant design, BIM modeling (MEP), fire prevention, diagnostics of existing plants, network and harmonic analysis, construction site safety, works management and testing, plant due diligence

DPA (Architectural Design Department)

DPA deals with architectural design from concept to finalization on site with construction supervision, renovation and redevelopment of existing buildings with particular attention to energy and environmental aspects. He also gained significant experience in the HBIM field (Heritage BIM - the application of Building Information Modeling to the built historical heritage). To conclude, DPA deals with all authorization procedures.

DPS (Structural Design Department)

Latest department born in SACEE, among its main services we find in addition to structural design through BIM software and simulators, diagnostics, seismic vulnerability analysis and the consequent class improvement for buildings, construction management and structural testing

In disentangling the complexities of the strategies and rules of correct integrated design, Sacee proposes the BIM methodology for the study and definition of the building system (also from an energy point of view) and for the identification and development of the intervention.

BIM design shortens the distance between the real and the virtual world through the creation of a "digital twin".

The Digital Twin is not just a geometric shape but becomes a container of information and study tests especially in the field of energy efficiency and development of nZEB solutions. It allows to incorporate information on the thermal characteristics of the casing, and system consumption as well as information based on the costs of the elements. This makes it possible to obtain practically immediate "efficiency / cost" reports.

Therefore, BIM does not only concern three-dimensional modeling, but above all the digital management of an information process, in which the models, objects and designs are stored and shared in an organized, univocal and controlled manner, over time, in costs and in the management. Not just in space.


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