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Comodepur S.p.A.

Head office

via Innocenzo XI 50, 22100, Como, (COMO), Italia


about us

In the 1974 the Municipality of Como and the Union of Industrialists Como formed a joint stock company under the name “Consortium for the purification of waste water of the first basin of lake Como” S.p.A. – in abbreviated “COMODEPUR SpA”. Start your own business in 1975, in 1979 the Company has completed the realization purification plant in Viale Innocenzo XI in Como, whose work began on a final since 1980. Subsequent years, work continued connection of sewerage system in the nearby villages, such as: LIPOMO, TAVERNERIO, BRUNATE, CERNOBBIO, MASLIANICO, BLEVIO and part of the GRANDATE, together with the Municipality of Como, constitute the current area served by the Company. In subsequent years become inadequate sewage treatment original plant in the nineties the Company has taken steps to make significant interventions of adjustment of the plant, increasing the capacity of wastewater treatment in terms of both quantity and quality. The assets of the Company COMODEPUR SpA is the treatment of urban wastewater affluents through the manifolds consortili. In synthesis skills COMODEPUR SpA are as follows: - plant construction; - technical management of the wastewater treatment service; - administrative management of the wastewater treatment service that include: • the adoption of technical standards, regulatory requirements and emission limit values for discharges into sewers (article 107 – part three law n. 152/06); • release an opinion to local institution for connection to public sewer; • release an opinion to local institution for the authorization to discharge wastewater from industrial; • checking the quality and quantity of discharge of each User for tariff purposes; • billing and capture fees owed by the user productive; • billing and capture by municipalities or infrastructure managers aqueducts to the sums owed by civil user.


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