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Andion Global

Head office

Via Giovanni Antonio Amedeo, 59, 20134, Milano, (MI), Italia


about us

Andion Global is a company able to offer solutions for the production of renewable energy from anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment and for waste management.

Andion Global makes organic waste handling efficient, reliable, sustainable and economically viable. Based on proven experience our integrated solutions cover every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain. Andion Global guarantees the highest process efficiency for the lifetime of your facility.

Thanks to a complete portfolio of mature technologies and proven processes, Andion Global is uniquely equipped to select the right solution for your needs and it is committed to deliver a fully operational facility within the shortest lead-time.

Andion Global offers a "turnkey" solution: from the preliminary assessment phase (feasibility studies, pilot tests, authorizations) to the last stage of construction as well as assistance and maintenance services for these plants.

With a combination of mechanical, chemical and process engineers, working closely with our biologists, our technical team designs, delivers and maintains Andion Global’s industry leading anaerobic digestion based waste-to-energy and complex wastewater treatment solutions.

Andion Global has a full suite of wastewater treatment solutions based on a comprehensive portfolio of proven technologies, including multiple patented technologies designed to minimize energy consumption and operational costs.

There are two headquarters: Milan, Italy which is the historical fulcrum of engineering excellence resides and Vancouver, Canada. The presence of Andion expands, then, in the Middle East, in the northern part of Europe and in the Far East through the presence of partners on the spot, able to trace new business opportunities.


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  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

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