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Tree Solutions S.r.l.

Head office

Via Durando 38/a, 20158, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Tree Solutions is an innovative start-up that focuses its business on energy efficiency with particular reference to the energy consumption of buildings for residential and tertiary use (schools, health facilities, offices).

We want to give our contribution to the circulation and promotion of the energy efficiency subject, in order to increase people’s awareness of the potential of technology in the energy efficiency field.

We develop and select technological and management solutions for optimizing energy use. We believe that in order to achieve better and truly innovative results, it is necessary to follow new paths not following already practiced ones; that's why we research and use innovative technologies to manage energy with intelligent, but simple, solutions.

We strongly believe that in simplicity is true innovation.

We know how the systems work and buildings characteristics and materials. We apply this knowledge to the analysis of their specificities and to the measurement of their energy flows. This is the starting point. We know that there are many places and moments where there is a waste of energy, often completely unknown.

In particular, we have developed a remote monitoring and controlling system for heating and cooling systems, called "BRAIN by Tree Solutions". Despite having already obtained remarkable results in terms of reduction of primary energy consumption, also confirmed by a research project of the Politecnico di Milano (Department of Energy), we are continuously working to optimize and improve the algorithms of management of BRAIN through the development and adoption of machine learning tools.

The increase in performance is aimed, on the one hand, to increase system performance and therefore to obtain greater energy savings, on the other to optimize the remote management process of the air conditioning systems served.



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