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TerrAria Srl

Head office

Via Melchiorre Gioia 132, 20125, Milano, (MI), Italia


about us

TerraAria is able to respond with qualified competence to the question expressed by public bodies, bodies research and private operators in the field of environmental and energy planning, strategic and impact assessments, and in the design and implementation of ad hoc applications in these areas, through an approach oriented to lasting development and environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Born in Milan in 1999, today TerrAria can count on the contribution of a close-knit and multidisciplinary team of 20 collaborators with articulated professional skills - IT, physicists, environmental engineers and territorial planners.

Thanks to the ability to analyse the energy-environmental sustainability of processes, through the analysis and processing of data and above all through the modelling approach, it has developed specific transversal skills in the development of decision support systems, with the awareness of the need to integrate multidisciplinary and "networking" issues.

The company is structured in three main areas:

• Software design and development: favoring the development of open source software, it is a leader in the development of WebGIS solutions and applications based on complex systems that manage and supply information from business intelligence databases

• Governance and environmental energy models: deals with assessing the interaction between design scenarios and the environment through the implementation of forecast models and energy-environmental balances.

• Research and Development: very active in building partnerships for European and Regional calls, as coordinator and/or partner

Since 2016 it has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as an innovative SME.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • ISO 9001
  • Inserita nella sezione speciale del registro delle imprese come PMI innovativa: soddisfa i requisiti dell'articolo 4, comma 1, 33/2015

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