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Tecnedit S.r.l. - Servizi a Rete

Head office

Via delle Foppette, 6, 20144, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

A point of reference for the subsurface management sector, Servizi a Rete is a network that brings together the interests of all those involved in the collection, management and distribution of energy: gas, water, electricity, district heating and telecommunications.

The topics covered are project studies, realizations and management of underground assets, both from an operational point of view, and from a purely managerial point of view.

From smart grids to smart cities, the market is constantly evolving with a strong vocation to encompass everything that underground or underground serves to manage the cities and the life that takes place there.

For this reason, the interest of our network also extends to public lighting, waste collection and recycling, purification plants for the integrated water cycle or pollution, networks also linked together in an increasingly interconnected web.

There are many case histories of the most interesting projects, as well as updates on products and technological solutions for our sectors.

Technologies and their applications are one of the topics that are frequently dealt with in order to offer the public constant points of interest.

Servizi a rete is a 360° network and has, in addition to the portal, also a bimonthly paper magazine, sent to 14,000 specialized readers, a bimonthly newsletter alternating with the publication of the magazine to which 10,000 technicians and operators in the sector are subscribed, organizes technical training courses, conferences and dedicated workshops.

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