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Politecnico di Milano

Head office

piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Politecnico di Milano is a leading scientific-technological university, in Italy and Europe. Since 1863 trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The University has always focused on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer. Several Departments of Politecnico are active in the diverse fields involved by the complexity of the modern energy issue. Among them the Depts. of Energy, Mechanical Eng., Chemical Eng. and Materials, Built Environment and Construction Eng., Civil and Environmental Eng., Management Economics and Industrial Eng., Electronics and Information. Politecnico di Milano therefore offers to the industrial sector a wide set of expertise on energy and environmental technologies, pursuing a multidisciplinary approach, indeed essential to devise innovative and effective solutions in the areas of interest of the Cluster: the production of energy from fossil-nuclear-renewables, energy efficiency, production and use of energy in sustainable building, up to the development of smart grids and the sustainable use of water. A large set of experimental laboratories, open to the enterprises, completes the capacity of its Departments and makes the development and testing of innovation more solid and swift.

Smart Energy



Water Energy