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MM S.p.A.

Head office

Via del Vecchio Politecnico, 8, 20121, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

MM Spa is a company created by the City of Milan in 1955 to design and build the first underground lines. Since that time, it has participated in the realisation and management of major infrastructure in the city.

Today MM is one of the largest and most diversified engineering companies in Italy, with a growing international presence able to provide customised solutions in the design and upgrading of urban ecosystems. We are the partner of institutions, managing agencies, and public companies operating in the sectors of infrastructure, large public works and design and planning of networks and services.

We design and organise efficient and sustainable transportation networks.

We guarantee access to public water, and handle the treatment and disposal of waste water.

We support public agencies in managing and modernising real estate assets.

Our vision: engineering experience.
Engineering for the city
means designing infrastructure networks that are balanced with human networks, listening to the needs of the community, and utilising smart technologies to place the focus on each city user. The principles of efficient planning and management are area monitoring, individuals’ needs, and political and institutional opportunities.

We work for continuous improvement in service delivery and in the overall infrastructure of the urban ecosystem. We use our professional skills to meet the specific needs of each metropolitan area. We adopt a local approach, but with a global perspective.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • qualità in conformità alla UNI EN ISO 9001
  • ambiente in conformità alla UNI EN ISO 14001
  • energia in conformità alla UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 (valido per il Servizio Idrico)
  • MAKE IT Sustainable
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