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Infinity Electric Energy S.r.l.

about us

The business idea consists in doing research and development in the renewable energy sector, producing and selling electricity and various devices. The goal is to realize the various patents and prototypes, and to build plants to produce electricity to rent and sell them.                               
We will start developing a new multifunctional device, whose characteristics are multiple, because it can be adapted to any pressurized fluid to produce electricity, in addition to the characteristic of being able to also be used as a compressor or high pressure fluid pump.

Due to its special features, the multifunctional device will have excellent possibilities to enter different markets and slowly take significant market shares, not least for the sale of devices and sale of renewable energy, sale and rental of plants to produce electric energy.
The minimum time needed to achieve these objectives is expected to take 2/3 years, starting with the construction of a pilot plant to produce electricity.

The company takes a lot of environmental, energy and economic problems and wants to achieve something innovative and different compared to existing technologies, and to produce electricity in a non-polluting way respecting the environment.


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  • Brevetto internazionale n. PCT/IB2017/054797: “Dispositivo per la generazione di energia elettrica da un fluido in pressione” - Infinity Electric Energy srl
  • Brevetto nazionale n.102016000082973(UA2016A006212): la presente invenzione si riferisce ad un nuovo dispositivo multifunzionale per la produzione⁄generazione di energia elettrica dall'energia dei fluidi sotto pressione come l'aria compressa, gas compresso, l'acqua o il vapore in pressione, e ne descrive i metodi di utilizzo anche come dispositivo reversibile, che può essere utilizzato anche come pompa ad alta pressione o compressore di un fluido." - Ludovico Bonfiglio
  • Brevetto nazionale n.102000900885586(MI2000A002356)"Dispositivo di produzione di energia elettrica dall'energia del mare." - Ludovico Bonfiglio

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