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Head office

Viale delle Industrie, 1, 24060, Sovere, (BERGAMO), Italia


about us

GF-ELTI has been operating in the heart of Lombardy Prealps for over 50 years. The Italian company goes after the demanding target of engineering high performing industrial furnaces whilst ensuring minimal environmental footprint.

It all started at the basement of a family house with Giuseppe Macario. He believed that combustion equipment of that time could be significantly improved. For this reason he set up a spare part shop for industrial burners in 1966. Later on, his idea became industrial initiative with his sons in 1976. Giuseppe’s insight flourished rapidly, and several projects with long-time industries took place. Despite the efforts, Giuseppe achieved the first industrial patent for methane gas burners of the time.

Previously known as “Ditta Fratus”, the Italian company grew and originated General Forni and ELTI. The activities have been manufacturing industrial furnaces 100% made in Italy for Rolling Mills, Forging, and Heat Treatment shops as well as Steelwork equipment since 1976.

In 2000’s Giuseppe decided to invest for developing his own Heat Treatment facility: a zone where to run product and process innovation tests.  Recent history witnesses in 2017 the merger of General Forni and ELTI: GF-ELTI.

The market spans all over Europe and reaches Russia, North and South America, and Middle East with customers active in the production of steel products for Automotive, Offshore, Infrastructure, Earth moving machinery, Maritime, Nuclear and Aerospace.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9100
  • ISO 14001
  • BS OHSAS 18001


  • B011411
  • B011412
  • B011413
  • B013256
  • B013257
  • B013396
  • B013397
  • B013398
  • B013399
  • B146586
  • 31.G1100.12.IT.1
  • B161493
  • 31.G1100.12.IT.2
  • B165705
  • B165706
  • 31.G1100,12DE.3
  • E044421
  • E044422
  • E044423
  • E044424
  • 133532
  • 29848
  • 1137537
  • 1036849
  • 1134258
  • 34049
  • 34050
  • B162801
  • GFEL001BIT
  • GFEL002BIT
  • GFEL0031BIT
  • B160596
  • E001000
  • E048891-01
  • E048891-02
  • E048891-03
  • E054821
  • E054822

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