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GEO S.r.l.

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Via G. Garibaldi, 9/C, 24122, Bergamo, (BG), Italia


about us

GEO Green Energy Opportunity srl was founded in April 2017 and promotes an eco-friendly business model, with a strong social and environmental impact, originating investments in bio-energy and bio-fertilizers with great economic returns through strategic actions for the enhancement of bio-energy supply chains.

This ecological initiative in the agro energies puts everyone in front of the opportunity to make a significant change of direction.

With GEO Green Energy Opportunity srl a shared opportunity is born to generate environmental and economic values: a new way to invest money in a clear project that improves the environment in which we live.

GEO Green Energy Opportunity srl has identified the opportunity to act with technologically considerable processes, which for a good part of farms would not be sustainable, although strategically important, and that have significant environmental and economic returns.

The innovative business model is based on the concept that pollution, from greenhouse gases and nitrates from intensive farms, is generated by a few protagonists but invests the interests of the community and therefore considers polluting elements as a collective resource and enhancing its value, for companies, for the community and for investors.

The developed model solves several problems: from pollutants in the agricultural and agri-food industries, to the protection of groundwater, to the improvement of air quality, to the sequestration of CO2, to ecological mobility, to fertilization in organic farming to the production of micro algae.

GEO Energy Opportunity srl can be defined as "An innovative, high-flying, high-potential, small-sized business".

The initiative is a sustainable and excellent proposal in a scenario of opportunities related to the circular economy, green energy and the sharing economy.

GEO Green Energy Opportunity srl integrates experience, technological innovation and best practices to convert agricultural pollutants and by-products of the agri-food industry into energy products with high added value, increasing productivity and competitiveness, generating new jobs and higher standards of living.

Biomethane and fertilizers with high agronomic value, produced with innovative technologies, have real competitive advantages and today they enter ready and highly receptive markets.

The team holds all the know-how necessary for the development of the pre-established objectives and important technological and financial partnerships strengthen and consolidate the proposal to the market.

The business model of GEO Green Energy Opportunity srl is sustainable, flexible, scalable and replicable, and its replication generates the resources necessary for subsequent implementations.

The bioenergy sector promises wide margins of development, especially after the recent decision of the European Commission, which recently gave the green light to incentives to produce and distribute advanced and new generation biofuels: about 4.7 billion euros from 2018 to 2022 .

Biomass energy is fully part of the circular economy and represents a fundamental element both for environmental protection and for the reduction of social costs and for the economic development of the agricultural sector.

New opportunities from the MISE Decree of 2 March 2018: new incentives are opening for the production of biomethane for traction by agricultural residues for new plants (or existing converted biogas) that enter service by the end of 2022.

Thanks to the biogas purification, through the upgrading process, it is possible to obtain the only 100% Italian biofuel: new scenarios therefore also for storage facilities and distribution methodologies.

At national level, the production of biomethane could exceed 8 billion cubic meters, thus covering as much as 15% of the annual consumption of natural gas in Italy.

The enhancement of biomethane is a real opportunity to "replace" the consumption of "traditional" biofuels, which come mostly from imports, with a biofuel produced almost exclusively on the national territory, promoting the national supply chain, helping the waste cycle (Forsu) and, above all, the agricultural sector.

GEO Green Energy Opportunity srl develops authorization processes, commercial actions for incoming raw materials and for the sale of finished products and designs, also for independent investors, in full compliance with environmental regulations in force, it realizes and conducts plants.

Skills, experience and determination of the Team are the true intrinsic and prospective value of the shareholdings that the new shareholders acquire with the contributions to risk capital.

GEO s.r.l, as an innovative start-up, opens its capital to share the opportunity to participate in its growth, also providing great tax advantages for investors given its status of innovative start-up.


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