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Ferrarini & Benelli

Head office

Via del Commercio 22 , 26014, Romanengo , (CR), Italia


about us

Ferrarini & Benelli, based in Romanengo, Cremona, Italy, develops and manufactures Corona and Plasma treating stations and ozone destruction systems.

Formed in 1965, Ferrarini & Benelli is a leading Italian manufacturer in the field of surface treatments for the extrusion, converting, printing and packaging industries. Other applications include small objects and metal surfaces.

The purpose of a surface treatment is to increase the wettability of plastic materials, to best prepare them for the printing, coating and bonding processes. Ferrarini & Benelli provides the best solutions according to the type of material employed and to the field of application.

However, the corona discharge is responsible for releasing ozone in the atmosphere. Ozone is a polluting molecule and a health hazard.  Because of this, Ferrarini & Benelli has always been fully committed to destroying the ozone generated by the corona discharge effect, by developing and manufacturing special devices to keep the ozone emissions below the thresholds set by the European Directive 92/72 (Directive on air pollution caused by ozone), which has been introduced in Italy through the Presidential Decree 203/1988.

Furthermore, Ferrarini & Benelli has developed a new ozone destruction equipment allowing to abide to the rules concerning health and safety conditions of operators involved in sanitation procedures with ozone. Manufacturers and brand owners use ozone to sterilize industrial plants and public and business places, such as hotel rooms.

The state-of-the-art, digital systems developed by Ferrarini & Benelli allow to maintain high quality standards, whilst constant technological research allows for the best solutions in terms of environmental impact, efficiency and compliance with the law.  

Ferrarini & Benelli has participated in important projects, such as i-Label, concerning the manufacturing of smart labels for more sustainable packaging applications. In 2019, the company ranked third in the Call Hub Ricerca e Innovazione (Research and Innovation Hub) organized by Regione Lombardia on the basis of the POR FESR (Regional Operational Programme - European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020). In 2018, it was awarded as one of the top SMEs in Lombardy and as the Top Small Business of Cremona.



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