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FasTecs S.r.l.

Head office

via Cavour 2, 22070, Lomazzo, (COMO), Italia


about us

FasTecs is an engineering company registered in the Register of Innovation Start-Up, which deals with research, development and marketing of innovative systems and products for the building industry, as well as design and consulting in the field of sustainable construction and the energy efficiency of buildings.

The company was founded by two young people, knowns each other at Building Engineering and architecture faculty of Politecnico di Milano, Geom. Ettore Amatista and Ing. Ph.D. Francesco Pittau who, sharing the same experience and passion for planning, energetic efficiency, environmental sustainability and innovation, have begun the business project.

FasTecs is among the winners of the concourse "Dall’idea all’impresa" 2015 edition, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Como, is currently established at "ComoNExT" Technology Science Park in Lomazzo and it is among the Start-Up selected by the Unicredit Start Lab to participate in an important acceleration program. FasTecs has patented and launched its first product, an innovative wood prefabricated system to upgrading and new roofs construction.

The system consists in a wood prefabricated modular panel, to be used in roofs, in particular tilting ones, which offers the guarantee of superior execution accuracy and speeding up implementation on site answering to productive and constructive rationalization requirement. Moreover, even if a prefabricated system, its guarantees the same visual effect as a traditional wood coverage.

The aim is to launch an innovative product that is able to provide construction industry operators with a practical and effective, as well as cost-effective, response to the energy upgrading of existing roofing.

FasTecs enjoys the collaboration of a well-established company in the field, with years of experience in the field of wooden roofing, with which it is completing the latest research and testing phases, and with which it produces the first products. FasTecs also collaborates with the research laboratories of the Politecnico di Milano.

The aim of FasTecs is to invest in building research in order to introduce into the market new systems and products that can improve the built environment and its viability, in respecting the environment.


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  • BREVETTO PER INVENZIONE INDUSTRIALE: innovativo sistema costruttivo per tetti in legno, modulare e completamente prefabbricato.

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