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ESE - Engineering Services for Energy S.r.l.

Head office

Corso Magenta 85, 20123, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

ESE is a high-quality consulting and engineering company operating worldwide in the power generation industry. Our services span the full range of power generation technologies, meeting the global energy challenges of an ever-changing world. ESE engineers work jointly with customers to develop smart solutions across all project phases, from plant conception to commissioning. The combination of superior skills and a dynamic company structure allows us to proudly deliver engineering services at top world level, offering in the meantime high flexibility and custom-made assistance to our customers' needs. The experience of ESE is extended to all the fields of power generation industry, including plants fueled by renewable sources (solar thermal, hydro, biomass, geothermal, wind) as well as from fossil fuels, as well as nuclear power plants and WtE. ESE consultancy services as Owner Engineer include Feasibility Studies, Tender Documents, Bidder Offer analysis and Engineering and Construction supervision. Furthermore ESE performs plant conceptual and basic design, cost estimation, front-end, licensing, detailed engineering coordination, operating manuals, supporting the customer even with project management services and site management, typically including the supervision of construction, commissioning and start-up. ESE also develops engineering support to R&D activities, especially in the solar thermal field and currently is partner of Alstom in an important thermo-solar research project under Horizon 2020 European Union Program. Additionally to the above, Energy Audits for power/industrial installations and Due Diligences for existing power plants and new projects, are part of the activities that ESE offers to investors and industrial Clients.


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