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Energy for Sustainable Development - E4SD S.r.l.

Head office

Via Triulziana, 36, 20097, San Donato Milanese, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Energy For Sustainable Development (E4SD) is an innovative start-up founded by a team of Senior Managers, with experience in important multinational companies (ENI,ABB, GE, Alstom, DeNora, Tozzi etc). It operates in the sectors of Green Economy (renewable energy, waste and water treatment) and Circular Economy (smart agriculture, smart building, artificial intelligence), with its own realization models (also with its own patents).

It works as a Business Developer and as a Builder (E.P.C.) of his own plant engineering solutions in line with the client's requests both in developing and industrialized countries. E4SD develops also R&D activities in cooperation with Universities and Research Centres. E4SD is also a FAO Partners for sustainable initiatives in remote areas (mountains, rural, isles). Sectors of Business interest are:

Renewables Energy:

1)      Photovoltaic Energy Plants;

2)      Wind Plants;

3)      Mini Hydro Plants;

4)      Biogas Plants;

5)      Energy Efficiency;

6)      Mini Grids.

Clean Technology:

1)      Water Treatment ;

2)      Waste Treatment;

3)      Marine Plastics Treatment;

Smart Agriculture:

1)      Technological GreenHouses;

2)      Irrigation Systems;

3)      Hydroponic Systems;

4)      Agro-Industrial Systems;

5)      IoT for Agriculture.

E4SD’s products, patents, and services (Consultancy, training and E.P.C.) are particularly designed for emerging countries, with advanced and efficient solutions focussed on a local sustainable development. Plants are of small- medium size, very competitive  and with a high level of customization  to satisfy local real needs.


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