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Ecologia Applicata S.r.l.

Head office

via Porpora Nicola Antonio 9, 20131, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Ecologia Applicata s.r.l. is a company and environmental research organization based in Milan, operating in the ecological-environmental sector with a high level of professionality and competence. The research team and their co-workers are qualified people in their field having matured experience both in Italy and worldwide. Several of them are also engaged in research and didactics at university level. Ecologia Applicata s.r.l. provides and delivers the following main services: Technical-economical and administrative consultation in the environmental field for public and private Authorities Process studies and pilot tests Chemical and biological analysis on water and sludge Reclamation of polluted areas with microorganisms which have not been genetically manipulated Composting and humification of sludge and organic waste Toxicological tests Studies with biological indicators Biological impact studies General and detailed planning, preparation of specifications for contracts, supervision and sewage plant works, controlled waste tips and biogas recovery Inspection of sewage plant processes Legal and technical consultation and expert survey opinions Organization and teaching of training courses of environmental operators Eutrophication studies of sea and fresh waters Planning of lagoon filtered ecosystem and sewage works Bio-chemical water, sludge and waste analysis Bioremediation - reclamation of areas polluted with microorganisms not genetically handled Projects for sewage plants and drinkable water plants for small communities Accelerated composting processes Environmental research and feasibility studies Planning of biological systems for waste disposal of particular rubbish and toxic waste Management and optimization of sewage plants Organization of professional training courses in the environmental field Aquatic and land eco-toxicology, phytotoxiecology, biological indicators and biodegradability tests Algal Growth The operative group is subdivided into various sectors, each of which is activated when needed, thus guaranteeing efficiency, customised service and prompt intervention. Ecologia Applicata s.r.l. has sites and equipment of its own with connected efficient laboratory for chemical biological research.


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