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Consorzio STREAM

Head office

Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 32, 25121, Brescia, (BS), Italia


about us

Through its associate companies, STREAM provides a complete range of services related to engineering, in the electrical, mechanical, civil, hydraulic and energy disciplines. This new dimension integrates different knowledge, experience and complementary managing skills.

The purpose is to find in this union a greater strength, efficiency and know-how, more than what the different parts could separately generate STREAM shares perspectives and objectives with the 6 companies, more than 70 internal professionals and a wide network of external collaborators, capable of a global assistance in the solar, hydroelectric and green hydrogen fields. STREAM offers partial or complete services in Italy and abroad, with projects and permits, supplies, installations, EPC, asset and project management.

Our firms are renowned realities with competences that range from solar photovoltaic, CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) to hydroelectric, passing from storage systems to mining resources to water treatment, from electrical mobility up to engineering, legal, financial advisory for complex projects related to the renewable technology world.

The STREAM Consortium deals with the production and storage of energy from renewable or traditional sources and not just that: water treatment for steel mills, Oil&Gas and WTE production cycles, treatment of civil white and grey water, up to sustainable mobility for public and private infrastructures. From preliminary analysis, to design, up to supplies and plant installation, STREAM accompanies the client with feasibility studies, permitting development, technical, legal, and administrative due diligence advisory, M&A activities, energy communities, business plan, advanced technical asset management, O&M programs, SEU (Efficient User Systems) and project review, EPC management, owner’s engineering, component research, selection and supply.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • Certificazione ISO 9001;
  • Certificazione ISO 14001.

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