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Confindustria Bergamo

Head office

va G. Camozzi 70, 24121, Bergamo, (BERGAMO), Italia


about us

Main objectives are to promote: the protection and representation of the interests of its affiliated companies, the progress of industrial activities and the development of the local economy, working in collaboration with other local players. Founded in 1908, Confindustria Bergamo is a non-profit organisation that is completely independent from politics. It is inspired by the principles of freedom of initiative and the values contained in the Confindustria Code of Ethics and Values Charter. The development of the social and civil function of entrepreneurs and representation activities are supplemented with the specialist consultancy services that Confindustria Bergamo is able to provide to associated companies, in addition to a series of initiatives designed to promote the business culture. Over 1400 small, medium and large companies across a range of economic sectors have signed up to Confindustria Bergamo; together, these companies provide employment to around 100,000 employees. ENERGY free services (provided by the association for free): 1. Consultancy on sector regulations, with particular focus on authorisation procedures for the construction and operation of generation plants (including connections), on service quality and continuity (interruptions and automatic compensation), on incentives for energy saving and the use of renewable sources (tax breaks, white certificates, green certificates, feed-in tariff); 2. Information on prices of principles energy commodities (from InfoEnergia of Confindustria and GME); 3. Seeking public finance of any kind (Chamber of Commerce, regional, national, European) to support investment in energy/environment; 4. Taxation information on energy products and the excise region; Chargeable services (provided by affiliate company Servitec Srl): 5. Energy provision management services (electricity and natural gas) and contract price optimisation; 6. Check-up and energy auditing services for companies (focus on production departments and energy-intensive machinery); 7. Cost/benefit analysis on investment in renewable and/or co-generation plants and creation of amortisation plans and financial management; 8. Competitive benchmarking of plant manufacture bids received; 9. Completion of all authorisation procedures necessary for the construction of generation plants; 10. Resolution of tax issues where tax evasion relating to energy excises emerges. Other activities: Creation of the Confindustria Bergamo Energy Group (bringing together all associated companies whose products/services are dedicated to energy saving or the construction generation plants and infrastructure), which features around 400 associated companies and runs initiatives and projects through specialist sub groups according to the national Confindustria model; production and management of websites of potential suppliers (products/services) of municipal administrations involved in the Covenant of Mayors European programme (; participation in technical meetings with the local Confartigianato association at the Bergamo C.C.I.A.A. in order to produce a network contract model to be used to create business networks in the field of renewable energy and energy saving; participation in organising Sustainable Energy Week (part of the Sustainable Energy Europe programme) in collaboration with the local Confartigianato association, featuring a week of conferences, seminars and workshops in various locations in Bergamo and several provincial municipalities. This is an opportunity to discuss technical issues and regulations linked to the use of renewable energy sources and energy savings, as a way of providing scope for collaboration and partnerships within the context of the green economy, raising awareness of key innovation and promoting a culture of efficient resource use.

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