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Confartigianato Imprese Varese

Head office

viale Milano 5, 21100, Varese, (VARESE), Italia


about us

Confartigianato Varese is an organisation with two main purposes. It is both an association providing services in fiscal, accounting, financial, administrative, training, environmental, contract and commercial matters, with a consultancy area just added, and a social actor in the local area which its associates call on to undertake targeted lobbying action. The association’s objective is to defend and represent the interests of its 13,000 companies. Particular attention is placed on innovative services and anything that might help companies as they work through a process of growth, development and competitiveness. The association operates in areas including internationalisation, trade union matters, culture, business combinations, projects and action around environmental sustainability. Indeed, part of the association’s duties is to look to the future and raise awareness among its companies about changes to work and the market. The association is extremely active when it comes to energy. Not only is Confartigianato Varese an institutional partner of Energy Cluster, but over the years it built its headquarters in Tradate using the first geothermal plant in the province of Varese, is set to renovate its Saronno facility in accordance with particularly high energy-saving and zero-impact-energy standards, is registered with CenPi (the consortium company of the Confartigianato of Electricity and Gas) in order to guarantee its associates access to the most advantageous traders on the market, has set up groups dedicated to green building and organised training courses for technicians with Casa Clima in Bolzano. Furthermore, the association uses recycled materials in order to keep energy expenditure down to a minimum. All of this is done with the aim of promoting, encouraging and informing society of the moral and economic interests of micro and small enterprises and helping these to grow thanks to the latest technology.

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