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Como Acqua Srl

Head office

Via Borgo Vico 148, 22100, Como, (CO), Italia


about us

Limited liability company with total local public capital that operates according to the procedures of "in house" award.

The exclusive object of the company, in compliance with the laws and regulations on the subject: the management and supply of the integrated water service, understood as all the public services of water collection, supply, distribution and purification, water analysis; the administrative and financial management of networks, plants and other assets instrumental to the operation of public services.

To this end, the company may transfer the networks, plants and other assets functional to the provision of the integrated water service and provides for their management also through: the implementation of infrastructure investments for the expansion and upgrading of networks and plants; the study and design, construction, management and operation of works, infrastructure and hydraulic systems or related to the unitary and integrated water cycle, in accordance with the provisions of the Scope Plan and other instruments in force; the restructuring and enhancement necessary to adapt over time the functional characteristics of the networks, plants and assets mentioned above.

The company also has as its object:

  • the activities relating to the registration of users, the supply and billing, the collection of the due amount and the recovery of arrears;
  • by delegation of the competent public administrations, the expropriation procedures connected with the pursuit of the corporate purpose, carrying out the activities provided for by Presidential Decree 327/2001 and subsequent amendments and additions, including those of a regional nature;
  • the execution of studies, initiatives, research aimed at contributing to the pursuit of the social aims and provided for by law in charge of the S.I.I. manager;
  • the assumption, in compliance with the limits of the law, of shareholdings in other joint-stock companies fully owned by local public bodies belonging to the territory of the ATO, with the requirements of in house providing, having as their object activities related to the S.I.I. and provided that the similar control and the prevalence of the social activities in favour of the shareholders are not altered.


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