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Camera di Commercio di Varese

Head office

piazza Montegrappa 5, 21100, Varese, (VARESE), Italia


about us

The Varese Chamber of Commerce works in the general interest of the network of companies in the province, overseeing their development within the local economy. The main duties of the Chamber of Commerce are: administrative activities for companies; economic promotion to support the economy of the province; market regulation; innovation services designed to meet requirements and needs highlighted by local companies. The promotion and development of energy efficiency in company activities is one of the Chamber of Commerce’s strategic objectives, with the “Energy Management” project designed to help companies in the province in Varese to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. As part of the “Energy Management” project, the Chamber of Commerce turned to the Carlo Cattaneo University (LIUC) to carry out an “energy assessment of companies in the province of Varese”, in order to identify the best forms of technology transfer to support the production network around energy management. The energy assessment included: a macroeconomic forecast model for the province of Varese, in order to identify the medium- to long-term scenarios relevant to energy consumption; a sample investigation of the energy needs of companies, in order to find out the current needs/critical issues in energy management and to identify possible policies for the Chamber to adopt in the field. The research was carried out on a sample of companies belonging to three sectors of historic importance to the province of Varese – rubber and plastic, mechanics and textiles – and showed that energy represents an average of 11% of overall business costs. The results of the study also suggest that we are on the cusp of significant changes. After an intense period of growth between 1992 and 2009, when consumption spiked by 20%, the forecasts point to a slowdown of growth in the province of Varese, with the 17-year period between 2009 and 2025 expected to see growth of just 12%.

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