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BBV Holding

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Via Lario, 8 , 20159 , Milano , (MILANO), Italia


about us

The Group BBV- Inoflex, strong also of solid international partnerships, places itself on the global markets as specialist:

-   of industrial piping, able to intervene in the mechanical verifications of the piping or of big ducts in various load conditions (stress analysis calculation according to regulations EN-13480, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3), in the design (with numerical calculus and FEM verification, Finite Element Method) and production of metallic  expansion joints  ( from ND 10 up to 7000 mm), textile ( without limit of dimension) and rubber ones (ND up to 3800mm), for temperatures from -200°C up to more than 1.200°C, pipe clamp, variable and constant spring hangers and other accessories, rigid struts, hydraulic shock absorbers;

-   in presence of seismic event (according to the national regulations NTC2018 or equivalent international ones ASCE) in the study of dynamic components-constraint designed to contain occasional loads, vibrations or to facilitate the movements on horizontal surfaces of support bases for appliances, civil, commercial and industrial (plant building) structures.

The history of the Group BBV – Inoflex takes its origin in the engineering and manufacturing experience of Inoflex, BBV Tech (Alflex) and Steelflex.

In 2015, BBV Tech acquired Alflex business branch from Compensatori di Dilatazione; a business story born in 1978.

In 2016, BBV Holding was established and it acquired Steelflex’s entire registered capital, company founded in 1978.

In 2017, the Industrial Group BBV was established. BBV Holding exercises the functions of coordination and control over BBV Tech and Steelflex.


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