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ANCE Lombardia

Head office

via Carducci 18, 20123, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

ANCE Lombardia – Regional Association of Lombardy Builders is the regional representation of contractors and builders and it’s composed by provincial Builders’ Associations operating in Lombardy. The regional Association takes, therefore, the Lombardy representation of the entrepreneurial system of the national associative level and performs the following tasks: • To Examine and to treat the industrial Category’s issues, at the regional level, with specific regard to legislative and administrative acts in the field of public works, environment, energy, urban planning and real estate; • To Promote and to carry out studies and researches on matters of interest for the category; • To support and to provide advice to local Associations and, through them, to the construction Companies for all operative issues concerning regional normative acts. ANCE Lombardia tasks are gradually expanding as a result of the Constitutional reforms that have given exclusive legislative powers to Regions in the most relevant topics of Category interests: from environment, to energy, to urban planning and from public to private works. ANCE Lombardia, together with all other regional Organizations, maintains constant relations with national Association, in order to achieve a unity of direction in the adoption and in the implementation of regional legislation.

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