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Agromatrice S.r.l.

Head office

Strada Vicinale della Bellaria, snc, 27020, Tromello, (PV), Italia


about us

Agromatrici, a company of Fratelli Visconti Group, is an innovative SME that carries out its activities in the field of biomass recovery and in particular in the development of solutions for the valorization and recovery of waste and scrap.

Thanks to its know-how, enthusiasm and the work of its team, it develops, experiments and proposes cutting-edge technologies for the valorization of organic matrices offering sustainable solutions.

  • Recovery of nutrients and organic matter from waste such as biomass from sewage treatment and Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) preserving over time the quality and reproducibility of natural resources, preserving biological diversity and ensuring the integrity of ecosystems.
  • Creation of new sources of income in an eco-efficient way, through the rational use of waste considered a real resource.
  • Sustainable production of "BIOACTIVE FARMERS" and natural fertilizers for the protection of the territory thanks to the research and development of technological solutions for the reduction of the environmental impact resulting from the use of traditional chemical fertilizers.

The Company has, at its headquarters in Tromello (PV) in the heart of Lomellina in Lombardy, state-of-the-art laboratories for R&D activities such as feasibility studies, pilot trials, tests and analysis in the chemical-physical and microbiological fields.

Agromatrici has long been collaborating with the most prestigious research centers in Lombardy and in Italy.


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  • MI2008 A001115 - Impianto flessibile per la produzione di correttivo fertilizzante per uno agricolo e di formulazioni che lo contengono
  • MI2008 A001116 - Processo per la produzione di correttivo fertilizzante per uso agricolo e formulazioni che lo contengono
  • 102019000005066 - Brevetto per produzione di fertilizzanti e recupero di CO2
  • 102019000010095 - Brevetto per produzione di fertilizzanti e recupero di CO2.

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