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A2A Ciclo Idrico S.p.A.

Head office

Via Alessandro Lamarmora, 230, 25124, Brescia , (BS), Italia


about us

A2A Ciclo Idrico is a Company of the A2A Group, the largest Italian multi-utility, and manages the services connected to the integrated water cycle in the province of Brescia.

A2A Ciclo Idrico S.p.A. operates with constant attention to the needs of the community and the full satisfaction of users, fully aware of its role as a guarantor of citizens' right to have safe drinking water and adequate sewage and wastewater treatment services.

It designs and builds systems and networks for the supply, distribution and treatment of water for drinking purposes and for the collection and wastewater treatment, combining energy saving with attention to the environment and the territory, technological innovation and Sustainable Development.

The Company invests over 100 €/inhabitant annually in the integrated water cycle, a value higher than the European average in the sector and double the national average; for this reason it is at the forefront in many aspects, in particular those relating to the protection and resilience of water resources and the environment, also aiming to mitigate the effects of climate change.

A2A Ciclo Idrico has equipped itself with an Integrated Policy for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, translating it into the organization it has set up to concretely manage a development that combines the creation of value and the best service to users and the community, with the choice of the best environmental protection technologies and the safeguard and development of workers.


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