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Thursday 16 January 2020

R-ACES: the new H2020 Project on energy exchange to which LE2C is a partner

The R-ACES project is an answer to the call EE-6-2019 “Business case for industrial waste heat/cold recovery”. It aims to pave the road for effective energy exchange in industrial clusters across Europe.

The project stems from considerations regarding the impact of energy and fuels on production costs in different resource and energy intensive industries (REII). While many technical advances have already been made in REII to reduce the energy consumption of major industrial processes, significant parts of the input energy are still lost in the form of heat / cold from gas, liquid or solid flows. The large-scale diffusion of industrial heat / cold recovery is hampered, among other things, by the lack of financial / economic justifications for the equipment supplied and, at times, by limited industrial applicability (for example, reintegration of the process). It is often forgotten that the heat / cold sources of a given industry can be a precious resource for other industries and buildings / district heating and cooling operators and that exploit the commercial interest for heat waste / cold product.

In light of this, the R-ACES (fFamework of Actual Cooperation on Energy on Sites and Parks) project was born, and it aims to use and test tools that facilitate, at the level of customers / businesses, the effectiveness of energy cooperation, supporting industrial environments and high potential clusters to become full-fledged EcoRegions which reduce emissions by at least 10%. They do so by exchanging surplus energy, making extensive use of renewables and tying everything together with smart energy management systems.

The partnership is made up of 8 partners from Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Denmark.

The project, presented in September 2019, was selected by the European Commission and is now in the definition phase of the Grant Agreement.

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