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Univerlab has been awarded a VIDA Valdation Voucher thanks to its project of a web platform for food traceability and ranking of each product according to the LCA value.

FoodDNA is a web application that uses blockchain protocols for food traceability and assigns a ranking of each product based on the LCA value.

This LCA algorithm based on the principles underlying the LCA studies takes into account the consumption of water, chemicals, energy of the soil and the specific emissions in the production process of the specific product. Sharing good practices adopted by producers at the level of environmental impact becomes a marketing tool that rewards those who adopt responsible production practices.

This tool is also supported by a rigorous and shared methodology, based on numerical evidence (LCA), towards which the consumer is even more attentive.

The Univerlab laboratory, with experience in analytical services, has decided to develop a useful tool both for customers interested in producing quality products and for consumers who want to be more aware of what they eat. Through this tool, companies invest in the production of quality food and transparency of the supply chain and the consumer consciously chooses these products by rewarding the company's efforts. Hence the idea of a platform that guarantees product traceability and transparency through a blockchain-based approach.

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