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Whatmatters Società Benefit S.r.l.

Head office

Via Torino 2, 221013, Gallarate, (VA), Italia


about us

Whatmatters is a company founded in 2017 with the aim of leading organizations (and in specific for profit) in their sustainability path. For WM, sustainability is an approach with strategic value and oriented towards creation of competitive advantage. Hence it must be planned and managed with appropriate and pragmatic tools. Since the competencies operating in WM come from the academic World (with which endures a strict partnership), the sustainability approach offered is innovative and connects conventional tools with more original and tailored ones.

The solutions proposed range from the assessment of the degree of corporate sustainability, to the planning and execution of specific sustainability corporate initiatives, the sustainability reporting, the design and coaching of "sustainability manager" role, to end with the development of technological solutions to enforce corporate sustainability.

WM has decided to establish itself as a Benefit Corporation. Alongside the profit generation, the company has set as additional goal the pursuit of a common good. For WM it is the development and promotion of the sustainability culture addressed to a wide and sensitive public. That’s why WM participates in research projects and promotes any kind of awareness activities for free.


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