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Themis S.r.l.

Head office

Via Brescia, 13, 20025, Legnano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

THEMIS owns an innovative technology operating in the field of waste treatment, mainly but not exclusively with an organic matrix, whose efficiency and speed make it unique in its kind.

The innovative technology represents an advanced solution in the treatment of waste and animal dejections, the same guarantees in a short time the drastic volumetric reduction of the product, the stabilization of the same and the relative reuse, allowing the reduction of the specific cost and the total elimination of polluting emissions.
The extraordinary technological highlight is represented by the possibility of using a variety of thermal vectors (hot water, condensation returns of the steam lines) that can be used even at low temperatures.
In this way it is possible to exploit at practically no cost enthalpy queues otherwise dispersed and to access the reward mechanisms provided for by the Community and national regulations aimed at encouraging technological innovation and energy saving.


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