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Termoresine S.r.l.

Head office

Via Artigianato 7, 20020, Arconate, (MILANO), Italia


about us

Termoresine is a company dedicated to electrical insulation for medium voltage.

The headquarter is strategically located a few kilometres from Milan and Malpensa International Airport.
Our core business is the coating of aluminium and copper conductors (bus-bars or connections) with liquid or powder epoxy systems. We also produce joint covering in
silicone elastomer and PVC based resins.
Our components are widely used for traction, industrial and hi-end special applications.
In almost 40 years our company has grown, from being a fledgling firm to an important player in the electrical insulation market. The main reasons for this evolution can be found in the following characteristics: flexibility, competence and commitment.
These three traits sum up our strengths.

Our machineries are able to process pieces in a vast variety of shapes, from heavy bars up to 3mt to small metal parts. We use different kinds of coatings to give a wider
choice of characteristics, determined by the final usage of the components.

Our staff is capable and skilled. The area managers directly train the new recruits and designate a supervisor with the correct skill-set. As a company, we have been involved in many high-tech projects, with great appreciation from our customers.

Termoresine is dedicated to provide high quality products and outstanding customer service. Be it for new projects, spare parts revamping, samplings or helping in planning, we are at our customers’ disposal to find the perfect solution to their needs.


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  • ISO 9001:2015

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