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SEAM engineering S.r.l.

Head office

via Cavour 2, 22074, Lomazzo, (COMO), Italia


about us

Seam engineering is a consultancy and engineering company working in the environmental/civil engineering sector. We render the following services:

Environmental Process Engineering/ Environmental Consultancy:

  • Development of design and preparation of all documentation required for plants engineering (process scheme, P&ID, equipment specification, etc) and preparation of detailed constructive documents (such as piping assembling drawing, etc)
  • Design and development of pilot plants;
  • Environmental consultancy to private enterprises to support them complying with existing mandatory environmental standards (environmental audit, definition of analytical investigations, review of existing management procedure, support in complying waste discharge authorisation, etc)
  • Support in the permitting process to achieve various certifications in accordance to national and EU norms (EIA, IPPC, etc), environmental impact assessment

Civil Engineering:

  • Preparation of required documentation for the development of civil works (basic dimensioning, preliminary design, constructive and detailed drawings, etc)
  • Consultancy services and preparation of required documentation to support our customer in the permitting process
  • Assistance to customer for the preparation of Safety Master plans for the construction phases


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