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Via Giovanni Cagliero, 6, 20125, Milano, (MILANO), Italia


about us

RENERGY is an innovative start-up established in July 2019 by five highly skilled shareholders in order to develop “SOLARIA” project, which is based on the successful conclusion of the feasibility phase of the “HERMOL” engine.

"HERMOL" is a patented rotary machine powered by external energy, without internal combustion, which simultaneously combines the functions of a turbine and a volumetric engine. “SOLARIA” IS AN ABSOLUTE TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION; it reduces heat losses, improving efficiency by at least 30%, without CO2 emissions, regardless of the power of the plants and the type of heat source to recover.

Our industrialization program involves the development of engines ranging from 5 to 500 kW designed to recover thermal energy and transform it into electricity. Mounted on skid, this system is easy to install and can be integrated with any technology which makes thermal energy available. In the future SOLARIA system will be also powered by the inexhaustible source of solar energy, which will also be stored by means of a special thermal thank which will be patented in the first half of the year 2020. 

SOLARIA is the product that will contribute to design growth strategies in industrialized countries and will provide the final solution for the energy demand in developing countries, such as Africa and Asia. In this way SOLARIA will play a significant role in the future of developing countries, for energy, health, welfare, people employment and emancipation, as well as sustainability and development.


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  • (ABSTRACT DE102017002286)Hybrid thermal power plant with two devices for converting heat into mechanical energy

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