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DH Planet S.r.l.

Head office

via Pascoli 2, 25013, Carpenedolo, (BRESCIA), Italia

about us

DHPlanet (District Heating Planet) Ltd is an innovative energy-vocation startup founded in 03/22/2013. It works in the energy sector with particular focus on research and application of new technologies in particular in the district heating sector. The company activity is based on equipment, systems and technologies research and development services in the environmental, energy and industrial sector, with particular interest in innovative processes that enable a more rational and efficient exploitation of available energy sources, in particular waste heat resulting mainly from production processes. Engineer Sergio Bazzoli, founding member and technical manager of DHPlanet, in 2015 acquired the title of Expert in Energy Management. Thanks to its multi-year experience in the energy sector, the start-up is able to provide a full technical support in the sectors mentioned above. The company DHPlanet has developed, among its activities, a thermal pre-tension electrical system for the installation of district heating pipes. This system is tested and analyzed in some experimental case history aimed at the improvement of the process and the setting parameters system.


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