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Conveco S.r.l.

Head office

Via L.Abbiati, 43, 25125, Brescia, (BRESCIA), Italia


about us

Set up in 1990, Conveco and his partner Progeco, based in Northern Italy, have always focused the unique features and synergies in the environmental protection field.

We aim to build plant for disposal or exploitation of biogas that are reliable, innovative, easy to use and durable thanks to high quality standards.

We design, develop and produce a full range of products that are used for the air extraction installations, analysis, combustion and / or use of biogas from MSW and drainage networks, control and transport of leachate.

Being responsible for the protection of the environment and the Planet Earth is our priority and the ultimate goal of all our operations. Reducing the pollution caused by greenhouse gases and biogas emitted from MSW, as well as their use as a source of energy, means that our clients can benefit directly from these gases at the same time as protecting the environment.

We seek to support our clients by offering the most appropriate solution to their problems while ensuring professional service expertise, product quality and competitive costs.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • ISO 9001:2015

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