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Città Metropolitana di Milano

Head office

Via Vivaio 1 - 20122, Milano, Italia


about us

The aim of the Province's action is to ensure a link between the local and regional levels and to define territorial strategies based on proposals and requests coming from individual municipalities. The Province is also responsible for coordinating planning activities between the different municipalities and defining guidelines for land management. For the Province, supporting the Energy Cluster means supporting the growth and relaunch of a substantial part of the local economy, made up of a network of companies recognised as terminals of technological excellence in the energy sector. This project is also part of the programme of enhancement of the interventions in progress in the Province of Milan on the front of businesses and employment, strengthening the activities of production systems or districts and supporting the aggregation of companies, to contribute in this way to the development of the Lombardy district model even in new thematic areas such as energy.

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