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Bissi Holding S.p.A. con unico socio

Head office

Via Parravicini 4, 23100, Sondrio, (SONDRIO), Italia


about us

Bissi Holding produces electricity from renewable energy sources at international level.

We pursue major investment opportunities aimed at increasing our installed capacity in a context of corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. We achieve our goals through interdisciplinary expertise: site identification, preliminary and final project management, environmental impact analysis, structuring of finance operations, construction and operation of plants.

On an annual basis, our plants provide 212 million Kwh of electricity generated from water, sun and wind. Able to meet the needs of 182 thousand people, they avoid the emission of 15 million kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Our objective is to boost the installed capacity in the belief that the production of energy from renewable sources is an important tool for ensuring energy supply, autonomy and competitiveness in different countries. Our project actively contributes to sustainable development as well as the safeguard of the environment.


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